Monday, October 5, 2015

They Call Me Guy Firebar

The Call Me Guy Firebar
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Reader, I don't make these courses to stymie people.  I don't favor making my levels into unclimbable walls.  I don't view it as a positive thing generally when completion rates are at 1% or lower.

That said, this is a hard level, as hard as I can bring myself to make them.  It's about the same difficulty I think as No Shelter From The Goomba Rain (which I have yet to post here).  But whereas that course has bouncing enemies landing all around you, behaving chaotically, sealing routes and reopening them, forcing you to think in the moment, this one is more of the classic type, where you have a specific challenge ahead of you and you have to find the way through it, this time involving firebars again.  And yet, believe me when I tell you that its two primary situations each have two specific solutions.

I didn't pay much attention to decorating this one; I focused pretty much entirely on testing and honing the difficulty.  I tell you, this is absolutely not an impossible level.  It's certainly not a long one.  I even put in coins to help you find one of the solutions to each.  But even so, finishing this course might take you some time.

Note, after the two main sections, there is a small underground level with a much milder firebar puzzle.  And yet, I suspect after finishing the two primary crucibles, most people will hopelessly flub it their first try from sheer adrenaline overdose.

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  1. I don't care to estimate how many tries it took me to do it--the second part especially--but I did it, and I'd do it again if I had to. I even got through the underground level on my first try, which is great, because if I hadn't, then that probably would have been the end of me.