Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Course Backlog

Mirror rorriM: 3F68-0000-0090-A37A (EP)

A gimmick course I came up with on the way home from work and cranked out in about 30 minutes. There is one tough jump but otherwise a patient player should have no problem.

Invisible Boxes: 179A-0000-008D-C761 (EP)

My attempt at a Ghost House puzzle level. It is possible to get to the ending without taking damage.

Ziggest Zaggest: 6FE4-0000-008D-8EAE (EP)

The third iteration of this idea. Almost everyone who died in Zig Zag died on the first screen so I lowered the number of Goombas, and then Zigger Zagger had a 0% completion rate, so I took an idea from the Nintendo World Championship levels and used doors to let players attempt the platforming areas multiple times. The level is probably too generous with mushrooms but it's so long it only seems fair.

Simply Weird: A97B-0000-0088-F3B5 (Mrs. P)

Holly and I spent an evening unlocking the weird mushroom and this is the result. Fun and short.

A Team Effort: B337-0000-0088-CCD0 (EP and Mrs. P)

A collaboration, and a pun. Getting Yoshi makes the whole level much easier. A puzzley bit near the end.

Raccoon Run!: Normal Mode 7276-0000-0087-006F, Hard Mode 7CEB-0000-0087-0D17 (EP)

A basic autoscrolling level. Hard Mode is faster but not, apparently, much harder. As John put it, "I don't think it's possible to get the first leaf in Hard Mode".

Good Old Fashioned Mario: C4E5-0000-007D-87AC (Mrs. P)

A really nice SMB3 level. About a 20% complete rate, with 12 completions out of 18 people who played it as of this writing.


  1. Good levels! Thanks for showin' 'em off!

  2. My levels tend to be dashed off since I don't have a lot of time to play right now, but I'm glad you liked em.

  3. I think Ziggest Zaggest especially is a lot of fun, and Good Old Fashioned Mario really does seem more like an actual Mario level than a lot of what I've been encountering on Mario Maker.

    Thanks for the tip about the weird mushroom, by the way. I hadn't realized you could unlock it yet!

  4. the NWC levels are a nice way of getting ideas for fair expert levels, I think, so I'm glad I did it.