Thursday, October 15, 2015

3 More Levels

Not much new, but some highlights.

Cave of Trials (B2C6-0000-00A8-BB1A) (EP)

Some simple puzzles using tricks I've seen in other puzzle levels. Pretty rough. For example, I'm not sure it's possible to get through the fire arms without getting hit.

Double Dungeon (5E41-0000-00A0-D1F4) (EP and Mrs. P)

Another collaboration. Mrs. P did all of the first floor, and we both did the second level. I have beaten it without getting hit.

Weirdly Moist (072E-0000-0097-24C2)

A generic water level. Just looking for another excuse to use the Weird Mushroom a lot, and the name makes Mrs. P cringe.

We're almost at our 20 level limit, so we're waiting to get the 28 starts we need for the third medal before we seriously get into making more levels.

(changed title from "3 More Level" to "3 more levels" because I know how words work I swear)


  1. I'll contribute a few stars, no problem.

    1. Heh that wasn't really begging, more, "New levels are going to be few and far between until we get a few more stars". Mirror rorriM and Good Old Fashioned Mario are good for about 3 every day, so we'll get there soon enough. I may end up deleting Cave of Trials if the completion rate stays as terrible as it is.

  2. I looked at your level list and was surprised to notice that it didn't have the little lit-up star symbol on any of your levels from me...

    ...then I remembered, hey, after a month or so it lets you go back and re-star levels you starred in the past! So I just went in and re-starred every level I've finished of yours. That's quite a little loophole in the whole star system....

  3. I didn't think it was begging! And even if it were, then, so what? I'm more than happy to star good levels from friends, especially if it means they'll be able to make more. Stars are cheap currency that more people should spend.

  4. I found out that, when playing 100 Mario mode, if you pause the game during a level it displays its star and player counts. I've seen perfectly decent levels with 20+ plays and no stars.

  5. I find, personally, that I often forget to star a level if I died a lot completing it. I'm so relieved to be done that I move onto the next one without starring it. Sometimes I go back to it after I finish 100 Mario Challenge and star it, but sometimes I don't.

  6. I think hard about whether to star something or not. I like doing good things for people, but I also feel, if I couldn't finish it myself or if my finishing it was a fluke, like if I happened upon the right route, that I shouldn't star it. I'm pretty good at Mario games and so I use my own experience playing a course to gauge fairness.

    I once got near the end of a pretty nice level, but ended up with a choice of two doors. I took the one on the right and ended up right by the goal. I went back and took the one on the left, and was left in a deathtrap, the door led right on top of a firebar, there was the laughing sound effect, etc. I skipped the level and left no star.