Thursday, October 1, 2015

Firebar Finesse and The Day It Rained Fish

Two levels I made tonight:

Firebar Finesse

The only dangers in this level are a series of max-length firebars.  The difficulty lies in the terrain arranged around them....  It's not a long course, but it's long enough.

The Day It Rained Fish

A tribute to 2-3 of Super Mario Bros, it's a long bridge with fish bothering you.  But it's more from above you have to look out for here, and someone's carelessly left a bothersome obstacle course of blocks on the bridge to wade through.  Like 2-3, the level's a bit unfair, with frequent random cheap Cheep death suddenly landing on you without chance to react.  But also like 2-3, it's possible to develop a good technique on getting through this that usually leaves you unscathed. I'm work on an essay about this kind of game and level design -- it's something I've been thinking of a lot lately.

By the way... did you know you can upload screenshots from your Wii U to internet services using the built-in Internet Browser?


  1. Okay, cleared both of them. Day It Rained Fish was almost hilariously perverse to me, in that the 2-3-like levels are usually mad-dash -type affairs, and this one doesn't let you run at all until you nail the platforming down. Fun, but gah.

    Firebar Finesse was just brilliant, though. Very tricky, but in that way where each time you think of a new way to approach the problem. My only issue is that one spot that's not super-easy to get to, by I think the fifth firebar hub, which feels like a secret but only brings you backwards. Aside form that, though, great great great.

  2. Oh! And I really appreciated the attention to detail in decorating the fire level. In case you thought people never noticed that sort of thing.

  3. Yeah, that area should at least have had a 1 Up Mushroom in it or something. A Mushroom would get in the way, and a Mystery Mushroom would make the rest too easy.