Tuesday, October 20, 2015

NMcCoy's Level Sampler

A sampler of my levels, of various types. All of these include my signature Angelshroom (a winged 1up with the "heavenly" sfx) as a bonus to find and collect. (Please let me know if you find them! I don't have a good way to gauge the difficulty of their hiddenness.) The shapes on my newer levels are difficulty ratings, in the style of ski slopes. I'd love to hear your feedback on these, or any of my other levels. :)

Triple-Jump Toadstools (0114-0000-0047-F11D)
■ Wingy Swingy Chomps (B5CF-0000-008F-1D00)
Tried to design as plausible a level as possible, something that could conceivably be a real Mario level. Built to be both explorable and speedrunnable.

Tiny Puzzle:
Tiny Puzzle: Cloud Ladder (F817-0000-002B-3F05)
◆ Tiny Puzzle: Two Pets (628D-0000-00A7-1F60)
Puzzle levels packed into the shortest level it's possible to make. I've got a lot of these, but these two represent the one that's most popular, and the one that I'm currently the most proud of.

Puzzle Castle:
Puzzle Castle: Yoshi (859B-0000-0035-ACF5)
Deep explorations of a particular game element, and how it interacts with things - in this case, a castle that's all about the various properties and capabilities of Yoshi.

Technical Challenge:
◆◆ Parkour Castle (25D3-0000-0063-5ED3)
One of my most popular levels, this is a comprehensive test of your wall-jumping skills.

Concept Levels:
Nightfall on PNF-404 (CF2A-0000-0061-FA48)
■ Another Castle (54E4-0000-0067-B412)
■ Mario Circuit Time Trial (E0B8-0000-00AA-FA36)
Mario levels inspired by a particular Amiibo costume.

Minigames and Miscellany:
●Tiny Challenge: Spiny Soccer (52F3-0000-009E-AFFB)
... (F12A-0000-0040-C2CC)
Tiny Bonus: Infinite? 1UPs (FC12-0000-003A-B9BD)
Tiny Fortress: Too Much Fire (3560-0000-003F-40DB)

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