Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Anti-P Consortium

Level: The Anti-P Consortium
ID: A96C-0000-0093-439D

Difficulty: I would rate this as Normal. My first iteration of this was difficult, but more due to unfair level design elements and unwinnable states than anything else. I've tweaked a number of areas and I think it's a more enjoyable experience now.

I'm really finding that reiteration is the key. My first designs should always be considered drafts. Or maybe I just need to spend more time with them before they get uploaded to the world...

P.S. - I apparently have a weakness for bad hip-hop puns in my course names. I'm sorry everyone.


  1. This was a lot of fun! It seems like you've tweaked the level design well; I really never felt like there was a time I was stuck, just times I had to figure out what the best next move would be.

  2. Since you can reenter doors to reset P-Switches, I think the only problem with this is that big platform with the P-Switch in the first part in the overworld; if the player gets to it, it doesn't seem to be escapable? And I think there's a sign that points to it, like it's the right way to go?