Saturday, September 26, 2015

The two I'm most happy with so far are:

Hot Foot's Castle Run - BBB0-0000-0067-50B8

Style: NSMB Castle

Concept: Long but quick castle with some secrets if you choose to look for them. Warning: the secrets are a lot more difficult to deal with than the level itself!

Difficulty: Probably a World 1 or 2 NSMB Castle.

geisthaus - DCCF-0000-0071-7F8C

Style: SMW Ghost House

Concept: Episodic ghost house challenges. Fairly linear, but disorienting by design. Attempts at a classic feel. More problem-solving than survival-platforming, though it definitely has both.

Difficulty: Cookie Mountain-ish SMW Ghost House, I think.

Sorry for no screenshots. At my GF's and away from the WiiU for the evening.

1 comment:

  1. Cleared Geisthaus! I think it's a little more extensive than a SMW Ghost House tended to be, but still, a good level!