Saturday, September 26, 2015

JHarris level #2: No Shelter From The Goomba Rain

ID: AEA9-0000-0023-E7AF

This is my hardest level, but I also think it's my most fun. At least, I can enjoy playing it too! It's of the school of design where I threw a strong, but very difficult, concept against the wall, then added other things to make it easier until I was, once in a while, able to finish it myself. There are some tricks to it that I shouldn't spoil. Just trust me, there are some little aids to the player throughout.

Well there is one thing I think I should mention: there is a Star pretty early on that I really think you should get. It's not hard to find, there are no invisible blocks anywhere in the level.

You might consider this to be a roguelike Mario level, it's of that kind of random difficulty. Well, it might be as close to it in the Mario style as you can get.

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  1. Finally cleared this one. Devilishly difficult in a way that compels one to figure it out, which is good. Almost all of my deaths were in attempting to get that damn star, though, which was more frustrating. Great level, all in all.

  2. Yeah, the Star is the most impish of Mario's powerups, it's so easy to send that thing sailing into a pit or get it corralled into an area. If you survive long enough in my level, eventually the Star will get out of its corral into the area below and to the right, but to collect it that way requires holding out against the horde.

  3. The more I think about it the more I just really, really like this level (this and "Careful on the Cliffs" are my favorites of yours, I think. Cliffs is simple enough platforming but I like the use of space and the way that you used the semi-solid blocks to create an sense of aesthetic space which people aren't paying a lot of attention to yet (especially in the SMB1 levels!) For "Goomba Rain," though, it's the fact that every defeat makes me more determined to beat it that's key, and that's a really, really tough thing to pull off, I think.