Sunday, September 27, 2015

Someone remade Super Mario Frustration in Mario Maker

This isn't one of ours (probably), but I saw it in Mario Maker's "Featured" section.  Someone remade the infamous level featured in the video Super Mario Frustration in Super Mario Maker, with subtle differences to make it finishable without taking advantage of quirks in present in the original game's engine that aren't in SMM: Someone remade the infamous "Super Mario Frustration" level in Mario Maker: DF24-0000-005A-7740.  It currently has one completion out of 295, or a 0.33% finish rate.

The site with the original video no longer seems to host it.  <a href="">This</a> is the Metafilter thread discussing it, though, and <a href="">this</a> is a edit of it to provide humorous commentary.  (As far as humorous commentary goes it's pretty good, but I still think it's best experienced first without commentary.)

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