Sunday, January 24, 2016

Mario Maker popularity tracker spreadsheet

Hey all!  I've got lots of new levels to post but have been busy getting a book wrangled and edited together.  So until I get around to posting them, here's something else I made, an Excel spreadsheet to track how well your Mario Maker levels are doing!

Here it is. (Dropbox link)

To use it, first you go to this site (not mine) and enter your NNID.  That's the username of your WiiU Nintendo Network account, not the name of your user Mii.  The script there will go to your public Mario Maker Bookmark profile and download the stats for each of your courses, which you can then copy out of its table and paste into the spreadsheet at position A4 (both the site's URL and the right place to paste are noted for you in the spreadsheet).  If you don't have/want Microsoft Office you can load the sheet into LibreOffice as well, although the functionality that counts how many levels you have at each difficulty doesn't seem to work in it for some reason.

Once it's there, you can sort by various criteria by clicking the drop-down arrows at the top of each column.  It's a good way to find out which of your courses have struck a chord with players, as well as showing which have gotten the most plays and other derived data.  So try it, why doncha?

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