Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Vines and Pyramids

Two new levels since last I checked in!

The Secret of the Pyramid

I kind of went crazy and threw in everything I could find into this Mario 3-style level--including the kitchen sink, as you'll see. It didn't occur to me until after posting that there's a way to break it so you can neither get into the pyramid pipe nor back to redo it, but I think it should be fine.

A Vine Mess You've Gotten Into!

Obviously I wanted to call this Well Here's Another Vine Mess You've Gotten Me Into, but the title character limit wouldn't allow it. I really just wanted to make a level involving as many vines as possible, and something about the handling of Mario World made that style feel right. There's a correct way to go through it, and there's a couple tricky ways, but you got us into this mess, Laurel, so you get us out of it.

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