Sunday, January 10, 2016

House Call

The sprinkler system isn't working, so Mario must travel down the pipes and fix it. Can he make the garden grow?

Super-silly premise aside, in reality this is a scrolling level with a criss-crossing path and challenging, varied quick-thinking platforming throughout.  Eager for everybody's thoughts, as I'll probably go back and edit this one with critique, and work on the aesthetics again, so that I can publish a more polished version later.


  1. Since you said you were looking for critiques, I left comments in the course, which serve almost as a play-by-play of each place I got frustrated with, heh.

  2. Most of the things I found though are minor and easily fixable. The only really big thing is that it seems impossible to avoid taking a hit in the pirhana plant run at the bottom.

    1. Dammit all. I hid a second star in the chute in the center of the pirhana plant run, but I know another friend testing it assumed there must have been one hidden there and just never found it, while in all my testing I never avoided hitting it even by accident.

  3. Notably, I mistook the area above with the munchers as a legitimate alternate route my first times through and died a lot there, before discovering that getting up there early is pretty much useless.

  4. BTW, you CAN get through the munchers when just small, I did it twice.

  5. It took me a lot of deaths to figure out there was a second star, and also I think the timing of the auto-scroll versus the single-gap run sections make them more difficult than they needed to be. But otherwise I thought it was really fun! Also, I always love gag premises.

  6. There's a second star? I never found it, I ended up "damage boosting," as the young'uns call it, through the pirhanas after the first one ran out.