Sunday, February 7, 2016

Recent JHarris courses

As promised/threatened a couple of weeks ago, here are some of my more recent courses!

Crossing the Impossible Gap (14.70% Normal -- about 7 lives to finish it, on average):
The area pictured above has six ways to cross it, by my reckoning, scattered throughout the course.  How many can you find?

The Embiggening (11.69% Expert -- about 8-and-a-half lives)
A short-but-sweet course centered around Mario's rarest powerup (because it needs an Amiibo to place it), the Big Mushroom, which is an interesting item in a number of ways.

Nimble Footwork or Brute Force (9.68% Unrated -- about 10 lives):
There are two routes through this course, intertwined with each other.  If you just run through it you'll have a hard time, but there's an easier way....

World μ-◆ (22.48% Normal -- about 4-and-a-half lives):
Made to look and play like a classic Mario level.  You pronounce the title "World Mu-Diamond."

Atop the Trees and Mountains (16.00% Normal -- 6-and-a-quarter lives):
More of a riddle than a course.  It's not hard at all once you figure out the trick, so I will refrain from giving hints here....

Training for Plumber Athletes (9.77% Expert -- about 10 lives):
Finally, my favorite course of those pictured.  It looks much harder than it is.  It feels great to get a good dash going and taking it at full sprint!

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