Saturday, March 5, 2016

Upcoming update!

Hi ho!  Is anyone still reading this?

Another Super Mario Maker content update is on the way, and it turns out it has quite a number of new features!  Coming March 9th:
  • A P-Switch can be shaken to turn it into a Key!
  • Coins can be shaken to turn them into Pink Coins!  Collect all the Pink Coins in a course (up to 5) to get a Key!
  • Doors can be shaken twice, the first time to make P-Switch doors (introduce last update), the second time to make Locked Doors that require a Key to open!
  • Keys are not carried like other items, but automatically follow Mario (probably so they can still be useful in Super Mario Bros. mode).  Up to 8 can be following Mario at a time.
  • Particularly interestingly, a Key can be given to an enemy and will be left behind when the enemy is defeated, meaning people can now create forced boss fights!
  • In other news, Thwomps can be shaken to create the gigantic skewers seen in some Super Mario World courses.
  • An addition difficulty is being added to 100 Mario Challenge: Super Expert, with a few special costumes that can be unlocked for clearing it!  You only have to clear six courses (as opposed to eight for Easy and sixteen for Normal and Expert), but you can expect them to be particularly insane.  Now that there's a specific home for Super Expert courses, maybe Expert mode's difficulty will decrease a bit?
  • The game will let you open one of your courses in a special viewing mode that shows you where each player died with more precision.
  • Finally, the Bookmark site will start tracking how many world records and clears each player has.
Pretty neat!  Unfortunately I've stalled out at the moment in creating courses -- I'm up to my maximum of 40 and am still 23 stars shy of the next unlock point.  I should probably delete some of my under-performers....

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