Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Super Mario Maker 2!

Nintendo has announced Super Mario Maker 2 for Switch, and done a whole Nintendo Direct on it unveiling a ton of new features! It looks like they've gone well beyond the call of duty for this one. There's no word if they'll update the excellent bookmark site for it, or what the fate of old levels will be. I hope they'll find a way to import levels from the first Mario Maker. The biggest thing that held back the first game was the Wii U's abysmal adoption rate; the Switch has already surpassed that and is pretty popular, so hopefully it'll end up meaning more plays and ratings for everyone!

This blog will continue to be available for Metafilter members to post their levels for the new game, although if there's no bookmark site, we might not be able to post screenshots so easily. It looks like they're still using a code system to trade levels, but they're down to just nine letters, from 16 in the original.

Thanks if you're still following us, and happy building!

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