Saturday, November 7, 2015

Inside The Mighty Goomba Machine

Inside The Mighty Goomba Machine

Welcome to the Mushroom Kingdom's famous Goomba Machine.  We aren't sure if it's designed, made, operated or powered by Goombas, or if it makes them either as part of its designed function or as a byproduct.  One must still admit that it is majestic to behold. 

Do not worry about the guard dogs outside, they have no way to get to us.  But please stay with the tour group, as the inner workings of the machine are still dangerous and we wouldn't want a repeat of last week's unfortunate accident....


No, I have not given up on making Mario levels, my standards have just gotten to the point where I'm getting pickier about what I choose to upload.  You could think of this as a reprise of No Shelter From The Goomba Rain, but it's much more cramped and less random.  I'd actually like for it to be more random, but it is difficult to introduce chaos into Mario's systems.  (One of the few good ways I've discovered is via Lakitu, but of course they have to be used carefully lest you hand the player a key to making most of your level optional.)

Hitting the blocks that enemies are standing on to take them out is an essential part of this level, even more essential than in Goomba Rain.  There are three major rooms, with a checkpoint before the third.  That third room is more of a general situation to figure out than an explicitly designed puzzle, and the checkpoint facilitates trying different strategies to overcome it.

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