Thursday, November 5, 2015


I just re-uploaded all my courses with the new checkpoints. Phew! Was fun to run through all my old stuff again. If you've ever thought they were too hard, give 'em another try.

(Example level: The Anti-P Consortium -- 6632-0000-00D8-2BD3)



  1. How do you get the checkpoints? I downloaded the update but couldn't seem to find them. Do I just have to wait for a while for them to arrive?

  2. In the editor, get out an arrow then shake it. You can have one checkpoint in each map, so up to two per course.

  3. Yep. John, are you adding any to yours? The timer resets at checkpoints, so I don't think it'll work with your sprint levels.

  4. I'm not going to reupload levels, mine are mostly designed around not having them. (Like the sprints, resetting the timer would make those levels pointless -- and anyway, the longest is only three minutes at most.) The two or three that could use them, well, forging ahead with new ideas is more interesting than invalidating all my old level codes.