Thursday, November 12, 2015

Breaking levels

I seriously LOVE moments like this.

(I suspect in this case, Brett may have jumped on a sideways spiny. Mario mechanics are much more complex than they initially seem!)

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  1. Hee hee!

    Random discovery, potentially of use in other course breaking: I discovered yesterday while working on my latest course (I'm up to 29/30 uploads now!) that it is possible, in edge cases, to successfully stomp on and kill Spike Tops, without boots or Yoshis or anything like that, I'm talking about SMB style. I think maybe you have to step on the edge of one while it's going beneath a block. I also discovered that, when it comes to killing one by hitting the block it's on, it may actually be better to be small that big. If you're small the shock kills Spike Tops pretty consistently, but when I'm big I've noticed it's possible, if it's on the side of the block, for it to just fall out as the block breaks.

    I love special cases like that! There's an article on Polygon that talks with the developers, including Tezuka himself, about the design process of the game. Worth looking for.