Wednesday, July 31, 2019


   Hello all, I've been meaning to post my courses here but haven't had as much free time to play or make lately as I'd like. If I'm making any mistakes in this post, I'll be happy to correct them.

   I've only got 6 uploaded so far, but my first few were obviously a bit rough. I had some neat ideas in them, but overall they were a bit too hard. In one case there were red coin puzzles, which seem very unpopular for good reason. These three are my most successful levels so far:

"That belong in a museum!" 12G-16K-QHF
   It's a short level, Indiana Jones themed. You infiltrate the temple/cave and retrieve the treasure, which sets off a chasing boulder and various other traps throughout.

"Shoeflyin' don't bother me." N7J-H06-N8G
   I've always loved the Goomba Shoe from SMB3. It was such a goofy thing, seeing a little Goomba hopping around in a weird green boot with little grubby cartoon hands. This game has a version of the shoe that gets a little hover jump, almost like a Yoshi's story type flutter. I wanted to make a level that could be beaten quickly, had no deadly enemies or bottomless pits. Basically I wanted a level where you couldn't die, got to jump n' fly, and even somebody who never uses the run button can beat it. 40% completion rate is certainly markedly higher than my other levels and I'm not sure how I could really even make it safer than it already is.

"Lucid Nightmare" - 7GX-GBM-SHG
  The gimmick is the both level and sublevel are the same, but one is low gravity and the other is normal. Certain blocks and enemies change depending on which part you're in. This is actually a de-puzzled version of another map I made earlier, puzzles seem to really turn away a lot of players but I really liked the low/normal gravity dichotomy.

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  1. Thanks for posting! I've been taking a break from MM2 after making 10 levels close to watch, but I'll be returning to it soon and will have a look!