Wednesday, July 3, 2019

SMM2 levels: Hammer Bros., long jumps & an apparently empty level

I revisited ideas I had for Mario Maker 1 levels in this set of courses:

Fortress of the Hammer Legion: R2L-D3Q-WLF

What's everyone's least favorite enemy from the original SMB? Yep, it's the Hammer Bros. Because no one asked for it, here's a level with a bunch of them. Hammer Bros in Mario Maker 2 are easier than they were in the original Super Mario Bros. in that they only throw up to two hammers in sequence, but you still must be careful with them. There are helpful powerups hidden throughout the course; I put a coin over the ? Blocks with powerups in them. If you find the Star, start running and you might be able to nearly finish the level before it runs out!

Training For Plumber Athletes X: C6R-B05-WVG

A remake of one of my favorite Mario Maker 1 courses, this is much easier than it looks. Be ready to run fast and jump far!

Check Over The Plants: 7XC-VVH-NFF

There's a locked door and Key Coins up out of reach. How to get to them? There's got to be invisible blocks somewhere, but where? Where indeed, hmm... (points to the course title)

By the way, the easiest way I've currently found to get screenshots (such as these) off of Switch, without the hassle of taking out the Micro SD card, is to post them to a special-purpose (or just little-used) Facebook or Twitter account. Then you can save them to your computer's hard drive, and from there post them to Blogger.


  1. Forgot to mention I really enjoyed Hammer Legion and Plumber Athletes. Plumber Athletes seems so hard at first, but then you just bum rush it and then it flows really well. As for Hammer Legion, I just like Hammer Boys, I liked to be the Older Brother who could beat them for my younger sibs.

    1. Thanks for playing them! The original Training for Plumber Athletes is one of the best courses I made in MM1, so I had to bring it over, laboriously, working from the map on Super Mario Maker Bookmark (which I hope they port over to MM2).

    2. Never got to play MM1, it was the only thing that truly made me regret not having a Wii U. And strange coincidence -- I was going through my kicksters to check on updates from old things I backed and one of the first "In Profundis" turns out to be made by you. I was in the middle of writing a "hope you are doing well" type message, mostly just wanting to make sure you were still alive and healthy, since the last update was pretty dour.

      I clicked through your blogs and the name seemed familiar, then I noticed you were part of this blog. Just wanted to say I'm really happy you're still alive and still being creative, that's what's important. Cheers friend!

  2. Yeah, I haven't given up on it, but I have to prioritize things that keep me from starving, which is the unfortunate fact of being really-low-income. I've been keeping up with the technology though, and have ideas for making another run at it.